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HMM Pallets

was founded by CEO, Hector Munoz, in 2006. Hector began his career manufacturing pallets. His passion for the business and his strong desire to succeed inspired him to start his own company by opening up a small warehouse in Chicago. Through Hector’s vision and the hard work ethic of HMM’s loyal employees, the business expanded. In 2011, Hector was able to open a second HMM location. The services offered by HMM have continued our company’s quick expansion and in 2018, we were able to acquire our own building located in Lynwood, Illinois.


Today, HMM proudly provides customers with numerous services including pallet manufacturing, repairs, heat-treating, recycling, color-coding, stencil branding, and shipment of large orders.


We are proud of our solid foundation and hope to continue to meet the needs and high expectations of our customers.

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